Working Together

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Our collaboration is confidential. Your needs and goals are yours. And you can see your new professional and personal momentum in the positive response of your network and colleagues. NaturaLead clients seek personal guidance in these areas:

As Your Partner

  • Decision Support

  • Career Trajectory

  • Negotiation

  • Personal Presence

  • Presentations with Impact

  • Navigating Roadblocks

  • Assessment Shadowing

  • Action with Accountability

In Our Clients’ Own Words

Within the conventional, hierarchical structure of a Fortune 500 corporation, the fast rising management star was navigating two career challenges: his desire to advance at the speed of his true potential without leaving the company while needing to satisfy the C-suite that he had ‘paid his dues.’ These timetables seemed at odds, and so when his boss recommended Jody as a private learning resource, her coaching unlocked new leadership growth that has benefited both his employer and this talented executive.

“I better understand that effective leaders of people are those who develop other leaders. I am now a much better leader to others, and I am extremely effective in identifying and nurturing talent.”

– SVP of Business Development, Fortune 300 Firm, Midwest

The business sale was complex, a reflection of its considerable value. Jody helped steward negotiations that led to a successful outcome: a smoothly transacted sale and a second act for her seller client. Jody’s financial acumen empowered the seller to understand both emotional and business decision triggers.

“Jody helped me to lay out a wall-to-wall action plan for my transition. She was there at every step and helped me to address the inevitable complications. The outcome was a satisfying transaction for all parties involved.”

– Private Wealth Advisor, US Asset Management Firm, Northern US

How to Engage NaturaLead

Executive leaders are often referred by way of their company or social circle. Your employer may have sent you. As a client, you receive a discreet, disciplined approach to navigating tough leadership and personal decisions, in view of accomplishing your best outcome.

How does this work? We begin with a courtesy phone consultation that follows receipt of your confidential inquiry. Based upon that input, Executive Momentum Coach Jody Johnson outlines a collaboration that is dynamic and hands-on with a personalized plan that includes progress milestones, self-work, and ongoing counsel. We structure a calendar and can respond to ‘just-in-time’ requests. We work as you do – in-person and virtual – at a pace that leads to new solutions, deliberate actions, and winning outcomes. Take your first step…

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