If Your Employer Sent You

If Your Employer Sent You 2018-05-07T15:38:03+00:00

So your employer or board has suggested you get a coach, and you’re wondering: What are they trying to tell me?

Here’s what it means: you are fortunate to work for an enlightened organization that values you, and sees even greater potential for you ahead. They know that your value will increase as you gain new tools for productive thinking, focused execution and an outward projection that’s even more credible and inspiring.

C-suite officers commonly retain an executive coach. They may be quietly planning their own exit or succession or evaluating key players to make sure they have a strong team. And, not all leaders are natural presenters, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for them to get up to the podium to connect with and influence their audience. Others are considering a new growth strategy and seek a private thinking partner.

Certified Coaching Delivers Strong Performance ROI

Breathe easy– having an executive coach is personally rewarding and has a proven ROI. CBS News and the Economic Times reported these highlights from a national study of Fortune 100 Executives that coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program costs, as well as:

Relationships Improved 77%
Teamwork Success Increased 67%
Job Satisfaction Grew 61%
Performance Quality Rose 48%