Who Benefits from NaturaLead Coaching?

Who Benefits from NaturaLead Coaching? 2018-05-07T13:17:54+00:00

What Our Clients Say…

“I better understand that effective leaders of people are those who develop other leaders. I am now a much better leader to others, and I am extremely effective in identifying and nurturing talent.”

“Jody helped me to lay out a wall-to-wall action plan for my transition. She was there at every step and helped me to address the inevitable complications. The outcome was a satisfying transaction for all parties involved.”

“I haven’t felt this hopeful in a long time– I feel great!”

“I’ve worked with a lot of coaches over the years. Jody, more than any, was best able to quickly find the essence of my ‘best me.’ I’m able to tap that; it is a specific set of things I do (and avoid) that has transformed how I lead.”

“Jody’s high level of contact and encouragement is helping me maintain productive self-talk and the most impactful actions I need to win. She isn’t ‘ra-ra’ or dictatorial. Our work together feels more like a partnership.” 

“Everybody needs a coach at multiple points in their personal and professional lives. Professional athletes rely upon a coach to sustain top performance. They could teach business that a coach helps you move from better to best.”

“Whether 1:1 with my direct reports, in the boardroom or on a big stage for my global employer, Jody’s insights have been practical and intuitive. This combination has helped me to accelerate many personal improvements from where I was when I hired her.”

For Impact Players

Having new tools to replace uncertainty with confidence sets the course for effective solutions and fantastic outcomes. Why go it alone?

NaturaLead’s Jody Johnson eliminates any guesswork and helps accomplished leaders to achieve their most audacious goals. You may be trying to refine your leadership style, analyze and negotiate a high stakes business opportunity, or advance a new professional momentum. Jody’s clients are happy to share stories of how they increased their command of life and career.

Are You Asking Yourself Any of These Questions?

  • Does my reputation reflect my values and the impact I want to create for my company and my family?

  • How can I land this promotion?

  • How do I earn the respect and best efforts of my senior management team?

  • Can I close this deal in a strong position?

  • How can I best deliver an inspiring and persuasive presentation?

  • Are the skills and motivations of my team well matched to my business strategy?

  • If my leadership approach has become stale, what shifts can I make to revive it?

  • What is my second act and my plan to get there?