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Core Values

NaturaLead’s approach is shaped by three core views:

  • Whatever comes naturally to you as a leader – relationships, strategy, teamwork, intuition, sales, foresight or communication – are assets that can serve you better with the guidance of NaturaLead.
  • 90%+ of communication is non-verbal (energy, tone, mood, body movement, presence) which has a profound impact on how leaders relate with others.
  • Turning ambition into achievement requires the proper routines of directed effort and removal of what’s nonessential.

What is NaturaLead?

NaturaLead coaching creates the path that helps leaders to leverage their unique performance aptitudes that are reliably instinctive and genuine. When a leader has their personal, objective thinking partner unlocking these capacities from many management disciplines, it’s like having a personal board of directors that are all working for one purpose— your success.

The NaturaLead Momentum Plan

  • Focus your aim. As your one-on-one critical thinking partner, Jody begins by understanding your core leadership goals and decisions. You know there is more for you. The first step is to define what that is.
  • Cultivate what comes naturally into inspired action. Your innate abilities and tangible resources – social, financial and knowledge assets – are considered in light of your current aspirations. Which of these can you expand upon?
  • Discover fresh approaches for improved outcomes. Do you have patterns of thinking or being which are interfering with your aspirations? We will concentrate on strengthening the specific thinking and behavioral habits needed to reach your goals.
  • Build actions toward goals. Your NaturaLead Momentum Plan with milestones, self-work, and ongoing counsel will be created. Connect live and virtual, at a pace that leads to new solutions, deliberate actions, and winning outcomes.
  • Evolve. Expand your choices, opportunities, and freedom.